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Graham Flatt Graham Flatt is an internationally known award-winning master watercolourist widely known for his dynamic Western-themed paintings and unconventional approach to the medium.

Graham was awarded the Ralph "Tuffy" Berg Award for the Best New Artist at the 2000 C. M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art in Great Falls, Montana.
Flatt has gone on to win numerous other awards and has quickly emerged as one of the world’s top western watercolourists. His paintings have been chosen to represent Canada in several international competitions and exhibitions.
He has been teaching workshops for over 20 years and is affectionately known as the "Monty Python of Watercolour".

He is refreshing in his approach to “breaking the rules” of watercolour and embracing the students individual process in his popular workshops.
Flatt is a very bold, direct painter with an emphasis on strong design elements. Working with a limited palette, Flatt maintains a delicate balance between passion and design.

Graham's work has been featured in Watercolor Artist magazine and Splash 18. He has recently released his first book “Opposites Attract” “A Guide to Understanding and Using Contrast Effectively” – published by Trafford Publishing. His enthusiastic approach to watercolour and instruction has made Graham a sought after workshop instructor and lecturer at home and abroad.

Working as a fulltime artist has allowed Graham to travel all over Western Canada and the U.S. in search of ideas and things to paint. All the time with paints and brushes in hand, always looking for that inspiration just around the corner. The difference of light in a place like Sedona, AZ compared to Jasper, AB is very exciting says Graham.

Continuing to explore new ideas and approaches to painting, he is never happy to stay in one place creatively. His work continues to grow and mature as he pushes his creative boundaries.


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