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Graham Flatt Graham Flatt has been painting for over 15 years fulltime. After high school, he drifted in and out of a wide variety of jobs, before settliing on a 12+ year career as an EMT/Paramedic. It was shortly after he retired from that industry, that Graham was invited to participate in the C.M. Russell show in Great Falls, MT. There he received the Ralph "Tuffy" Berg award for the "Best New Artist". Within days, galleries and exhibitions were calling asking for his work. He had definitely popped up on art world's radar. Within weeks of returning from that show, he left his full-time job and began the long sought after career of a full-time artist. He has never looked back on or regretted taking that chance.

Working as a fulltime Artist has allowed Graham to travel all over Western Canada and the U.S. in search of ideas and things to paint. All the time with paints and brushes in hand, always looking for that inspiration just around the corner. The difference of light in a place like Sedona, AZ compared to Jasper, AB is very exciting says Graham.

In recent years, Graham has added acrylics to his list of mediums. "I love the physical aspect of pushing the paint around and the way that acrylics can so closely mimic both watercolors and oils. It is always a treat to explore new mediums and their ability to represent light".

Graham's watercolors and acrylics have been well received by many corporate and private collectors in over 25 countries of the world. Continuing to explore new ideas and approaches to painting, he is never happy to stay in one place creatively. His work continues to grow and mature as he pushes his creative boundaries.

His work has been published in "The Artist Magazine" and in "Splash 18". His first book "Opposites Attract - A Guide to Understanding and Using Contrast Effectively " is available through Trafford Publishing.


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